Thursday, July 26, 2007

BM-SUMA is...

BM-Suma is the new space of BM Contemporary Art Center situated in the heart of the cultural district of Istanbul. The onetime seven storey business building is being developed into an art and culture center with different functions such as residencies, conference and show rooms, cinema and restaurant.

The second floor will be administrated by BM Contemporary Art Center as a center and forum for visual art and culture towards 2010.

BM-Suma consists of 10 exhibition rooms, a meeting room, office, book and art store and café on 500 m2.

Artistic and International Communication: Beral Madra
Managment and Administration: Binnaz Tukin
Press and Public Relations: Nilüfer Sülüner

BM-SUMA is collaborating with:
Nuova Icona, Venice
European Cultural Association, Istanbul
Foundation for Future Culture and Art, Istanbul

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